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Heruka Vajrasattva (restricted image)

Heruka Vajrasattva
Gouache and 24-carat gold on canvas
Restricted image

Heruka Vajrasattva

The short mantra of Vajrasattva is OM VAJRASATTVA HUM

Vajrasattva is a purification deity - here he is depicted in consort. This is a symbolic representation of the union of wisdom and compassion, the male aspect being that of compassion and the female that of wisdom.

This powerful practice involves recognizing that it is our mind that creates negativities and delusions such as grasping and anger - and it is also our mind that can purify these negativities.

This painting was given to Lama Zopa by the artist. Lama Zopa then gave the painting to Jamyang Buddhist center in London where it is used for purification practices.

In accord with the Tibetan tradition, this image is restricted to those who have received specific instructions from their spiritual teacher. To obtain a large copy or a print of this image, please contact the artist.

~ Enlightenment is Possible in This Lifetime ~