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Tara Hauraki, 2008-2014 - click to enlarge

Tara Hauraki, 2008-2014
Oil, acrylic, gold leaf and 24 carat gold on canvas
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Tara Hauraki, 2008-2014

This work marks a change in my life and style of art. In 1997 I embarked on a 6 year apprenticeship with Andy Weber a master of Tibetan Buddhist art. I worked in this tradition for ten years, producing a number of works which were commissioned and collected by Buddhist practitioners and Buddhist temples.

In 2008 I started work at Epsom girls Grammar. Due to the engrossing nature of the job I decided to paint one work over a period of years. Tara Hauraki was the result.

Buddha taught that all sentient beings have innate Buddha nature and that we all have the potential to realise this. This painting is a tribute to all the inspiring women I work with and the girls we teach. May all beings be happy!

Image dimensions: 1500 x 1000 mm

~ Enlightenment is Possible in This Lifetime ~