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Vajrapanimanichakra (restricted image)

Gouache and 24-carat gold on canvas
Restricted image


Vajrapani, the holder of the Vajra, symbolizes the power and wrath of the enlightened mind. He is depicted here in an unusual form with consort. Vajrapani can also be depicted in peaceful form.

Unlike the seated peaceful emanations, here Vajrapani stands in an active fierce posture.

Vajrapani is often depicted in temples along side Chenrezig and Manjushri. The three represent the necessity of compassion, wisdom and skill. In order to benefit others we must be skilled - it is not enough to feel compassion for other's suffering and to have the wisdom to know what to do to help them. One also needs the power and skill to carry out the necessary action. This skillful empowered action is embodied in Vajrapani.

In accord with the Tibetan tradition, this image is restricted to those who have received specific instructions from their spiritual teacher. To obtain a large copy or a print of this image, please contact the artist.

~ Enlightenment is Possible in This Lifetime ~