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White Tara - click to enlarge

White Tara
Gouache and 24-carat gold on canvas
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White Tara

White Tara is one of several deities who bestow long life, freedom from illness and a safe passage to the next life. White Tara is painted frequently for His Holiness the Dalai Lama to protect him from ill health and to extend his life span. If there is a sudden illness or disaster White Tara can be painted in a 24 hour period to create positive potential which can be dedicated to protect health. The positive energy created by the artist is equaled by that of the patron, as without those who sponsor the creation of holy objects they would not come into being.

This painting was commissioned by my sister Wynne Brewer for the fortunate rebirth of our Grandmother, and was painted at the Mahamudra center in New Zealand 2004.

~ Enlightenment is Possible in This Lifetime ~